Group Classes

Group classes are a great way to learn a variety of social dances and meet other dancers. An array of group classes are offered each month ranging from beginner levels through intermediate and advanced levels.

Beginner classes are designed to teach the fundamentals of the dance, to instill a solid understanding of roles in partnership dancing, and inspire a lifelong journey in learning dance. Although our beginner classes are normally four-week sessions, one should feel comfortable dropping in on a class any time. 

Intermediate classes are based upon a good knowledge of fundamentals such as lead/follow, basic patterns, and basic musicality that are taught in our beginner classes. These series are geared towards creating a well-rounded dancer focusing on connection, more intricate patterns, and clean technique. Classes will be taught in succession normally starting with the first week of the month and ending with the last week of the month.

Auditions are required for our advanced classes. Please call 910-352-7198 to schedule an audition. 

We teach group classes at various locations throughout the year. We currently teach Casino de Rueda as well as West Coast Swing at Rivertowne Ballroom in New Bern, NC. We also teach curriculum classes at UNCW (so UNCW students, if you need a PE credit, you can take Carolina Shag or West Coast Swing with us!).  We try to keep our classes smaller so there are plenty of dancers to meet but classes aren't so big that you get lost in the crowd. We like to rotate partners because experiencing a wide variety of leaders and/or followers greatly improves your dancing conversation. Classes are normally 55 minutes and normally cost $10-$20 per class depending on location and length of the class. Register by calling 910-352-7198.