Testimonials from Students


Davis and Emily can teach anyone the art of dance, not just steps. You will learn how to interpret the dance and make it your own. It’s almost a spiritual experience as they will envelop the art of dance into your very being. I’ve had no better dance instructors than them.
— Blaise J.
Love these guys! You won’t get better talent and fun anywhere... period!
— Paul H.
No matter what type of dance you wish to learn- salsa, ballroom, shag, swing, or just put a little rhythm to your step- Davis can teach you the moves to make you look great out on the dance floor. So if you are looking to look GOOD and have fun at that next wedding or party- or you just want to improve your moves on the dance floor- Davis is “The “Man” to go see! He will have you moving and grooving in no time- no prior experience necessary!
— Karen S.
Davis is a great instructor and dancer. I can’t tell you how much he helped me in the past not only learning to dance but also helping me to be a better teacher myself.
— Bernie M.
Davis has it all. I highly recommend him. He is a very creative choreographer. He can dance anything. Once I asked him to teach me to “Vogue.” It was one of the few dances he was not familiar with, but it didn’t deter him. He quickly mastered it, and then he taught me. He is so well rounded in both smooth and rhythm dancing. And he has a great personality!
— Elaine B.